Ready to work with creators? Get started by following this 4-step process to create a campaign!

Step 1: Create a campaign

To create a campaign, select Campaigns in the sidebar menu.

Then, click on Create a Campaign in the top right-hand corner of the page.

You’ll be asked to name your Campaign. Then, click Next: Create a Brief.

Step 2: Create a Brief

You’ll now be asked to Create a Brief. You’ll be given the option of writing a customized brief or choosing a brief template you can quickly fill in.

Choose your preference by selecting one of the seven tabs at the top of the booking request. You can choose:

  1. Write your own!: Input your own brief.

  2. Instagram | Branding: Generate awareness for your brand and product/service.

  3. Instagram | Discount Code: Generate sales by giving creators discount codes.

  4. Instagram | Promote App: Generate downloads of an app.

  5. Instagram | CPA Deal: Increase sales of your product through a CPA deal.

  6. Youtube | Product Review: Feature your product in a Youtube video.

  7. Blog Post | Product Review: Feature your product on a blog.

We recommend that you include your collaboration expectations, goals, and the social media channels you want to collaborate on in the brief.

If you choose templates 2-7, you’ll be provided with guidelines on how to complete the sections, and examples for each of them.

There are 6 sections in each template: (1) About the brand, (2) The product/service, (3) Compensation, (4) Campaign overview, (5) Campaign structure & content guidelines, and (6) Uploading your content and results to deliverables.

Content Usage Rights

After completing the brief, you need to choose what Content Usage Rights you'd like to have.

You'll be able to choose between four types of Content Usage Rights: (1) Full usage rights, (2) Two-year usage rights, (3) No usage rights, and (4) Custom usage rights. Learn more about the different Content Usage Rights here.

Delivery date

Select the date you’d like the creators to publish their content by. If you’re sending the creators a product, take into account the time it takes to deliver the product.

If you want the creators to publish more than 1 piece of content, select the date you’d like the last post to be published by.

You can indicate in the brief above how far apart you want the creators to publish their posts.

Note: If you want different delivery dates for the creators, you’ll be able to customize the dates when you invite them to join your campaign.

Hashtags & Mentions

Indicate what hashtags (ie: #inzpire_me) and mentions (ie: @inzpire_me) you’d like the creators to include in their content.

Extra settings

You have the option of selecting two additional settings. First, you can require creators to confirm their delivery address when they accept your booking. Second, you can send creators multiple payments in the collaboration.

Multiple Payments give you the flexibility to manually release payments to a creator whenever you wish, without marking the booking as completed. You can use Multiple Payments whenever you might need to pay a creator multiple times during a collaboration (e.g. ambassadorships).

If everything is in order, select Next: Invite Creators.

Step 3: Invite creators from Shortlists

To invite creators from your shortlists, select one or more Shortlists from the dropdown.

Note: You can always invite more creators to your campaign after you’ve created it.

Once you select a shortlist, the creators in it will be visible below the dropdown.

You’ll be able to customize the brief, delivery date, and fee for each creator.

To set a fee for a creator, click on Edit Fee, type in the fee you want to pay the creator, and select Apply.

If you want to pay all the creators from your shortlist the same fee, you can add the fee next to Price All Creators the Same and click Apply.

To remove a creator from being added to the campaign, simply click on the x located next to the Customize Brief button.

When you’ve set fees for each creator and made all necessary adjustments to briefs, click Next: Review Campaign.

Step 4: Review campaign

Lastly, review the details of your campaign. Double check the brief, delivery deadline, and fee.

If everything is in order, select Finish and Create Campaign, or Save as Draft if you want to come back to it at a later time.

Now, your campaign is set! To learn how to invite creators to your existing campaign, click here.

Have any questions? Send us a chat!

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