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I got a booking request! What's next?
I got a booking request! What's next?

On overview of what happens from the moment your receive a booking request, to completing a booking as a creator.

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Congratulations, you got a booking request! Read on to find out what you can expect next.

Receiving a booking request

When you receive a booking request, you’ll receive an email notification, or a push notification on our iOS app. The request will also appear under All Collaborations in the menu on the left-hand side of the webpage.

Under All Collaborations, there will be a Pending booking request.

👋 Note: This is where you’ll find an overview of your collaborations, organised by status: pending, accepted, due, delivered, completed, and declined.

Responding to a pending booking request

Before you can respond to a booking request, you'll need to understand the brands requirements, and decide whether you want to proceed with a collaboration or not.

Here's how to respond to a booking request:

  1. From All Collaborations, click on the pending booking to open the booking page. The booking page will contain all relevant information regarding the collaboration, including your price offer, collaboration timeline, and the brief. The brief includes the brand’s collaboration goals, content requirements, usage rights, and more.

  2. Read the brief carefully. Based on the information in your booking, it's entirely up to you whether you decide to accept, decline, or negotiate the terms of the booking request.

  3. When you're ready to respond to the booking, click Booking Options located at the top-right of the booking page, then select Accept Request, Decline Request, or Send Counter Offer. If the brand agrees to the terms in your counter offer, the brand will edit the booking request, after which you can accept the booking.

We encourage you to send the brand any questions you may have, and to work only with the brands you love!

👋 Note: Booking requests expire after 7 days if you don't respond to it. If you get 3 expired bookings in a row, your profile will be turned invisible to brands.

What happens with payment after booking request is accepted?

If you accept a booking request, the funds are automatically moved to escrow, and kept safe with our payment provider, Mangopay. Neither you nor the brand will be able to touch the funds until the completion of the booking.

👋 Note: If your chosen payment currency differs from the brand's, there will be an approximated budget based on the current exchange rate. Our exchange rate is based on data provided by Yahoo Currency Converter. The exchange rate will not be locked in until you accept the booking request, so the final budget may vary.

Uploading deliverables and completing a booking

Your booking terms will almost always require you to publish a specific amount of social media content. This content needs to be added to your booking via Deliverables, so the brand can access the content and results. You can learn more about Deliverables here.

Once all the required content and results are added to Deliverables, you can notify the brand you are finished with the booking by clicking Mark As Delivered in the top right hand corner.

After the brand has verified all the requirements have been delivered, they mark your booking as complete. The funds will then automatically be transferred to your Wallet, and you'll be able to withdraw the funds at any time. A 10% service fee will be deducted from the payment.

Exchanging reviews

After the booking is completed, you and the brand will have the opportunity to review each other on your experiences, whether the experience was good or bad. is based on trust, so it's important to give honest and fair feedback. The feedback will be visible on both your profile, and the brand's

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