What’s an Average Fee?

The Average Fee is the average amount you want to be paid to post sponsored stories across your social media channel(s). 

Your average fee is visible to the brand when they search for creators and make booking requests.

When the brand creates a booking request, they’ll set a budget based on the average fee that you’ve set. The budget may be higher or lower than your average fee depending on the scope of the booking. It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to accept the deviation. You can accept or decline any booking requests received, or you can negotiate the terms of the booking. 

If you haven't worked with brands before, we recommend that you set a low average fee to start with. A low fee may help you attract more brands as you get started on inzpire.me. You can also look at what similar creators in your country and category have set as their average fees and determine your fee accordingly. 

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