You can add labels to each booking to remind of tasks you need to complete, such as following up with a creator, noting that a product has already been sent out, and keeping track of published content.

To do this, click All Collaborations in the sidebar menu to the left of the page.

To navigate to a specific campaign you want to add labels to, select the correct one from the Select Campaign dropdown.

Start adding a label by clicking +Add Label under a booking.

Select a label from the drop down.

If none of the label options apply to you, you can select +Create New Label.

Name your new label. Then, click Create. Your label will automatically be added to the booking.

You'll be able to filter by labels and/or by booking status.

To filter by labels, click Filter on Labels from the Select Filter dropdown at the top of the page.

Here, you can select one or multiple labels to filter your bookings by.

To clear a filter, click on the x icon next to the label, or clear all by clicking Clear Filters.

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