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Manage creators with Shortlists

How to create a shortlist.

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Shortlists are a great way to stay organized and keep track of creators you’ve worked with, or plan to work with in the future.

You can create a list of creators you want to work with for a specific campaign, or a list of creators you believe are amazing content creators. Creators in a shortlist can be added directly to a campaign. You can find your Shortlists in the sidebar menu.

How to add creators to a Shortlist

There are a few ways to add a creator to a Shortlist:

  1. From Discover Creators: Open Discover Creators from the sidebar menu. On the relevant creator, click Add To Shortlist.

  2. From Creator Profile: On a Creator Profile, click the Add To... dropdown, then Add To Shortlist.

You can choose to add creators to an existing shortlist, or new shortlist by selecting either option in the toggle menu.

Shortlists Overview

To view your shortlists, click Shortlists in the sidebar menu. You'll find an overview of each of your Shortlists including the name of shortlist, creators, visibility and date created. By clicking the three dots on the right of your shortlist, you can view, rename or delate your shortlist.

Inside a Shortlist

To open a specific shortlist, click on it's name.

From within the shortlist, you can see all the creators you've added. To view a Creators Profile, click the creators name, or their profile picture.

To change the sequence of your shortlist, simply drag and drop the creator to your desired order. This is particularly useful if you wish to order creators by preference.

To remove a profile from a shortlist, slick the 3 dot button next to the relevant profile, then Remove From Shortlist.

To add a shortlist directly to a launched campaign, click Shortlist Options located in the top-right, then Add To Campaign. Select the relevant campaign, and you'll be directed to the invite step, where you can set the offer for each creator.

Need help creating a shortlist? Send us a chat!

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