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Manage creators with Shortlists
Manage creators with Shortlists
How to create a shortlist.
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Shortlists are a great way to stay organized and keep track of creators you’ve worked with or plan to work with in the future.

You can create a list of creators you want to work with for a specific campaign, or a list of creators you believe are amazing content creators. Shortlists are also the basis for creating Campaigns.

Add creators to a Shortlist

To add a creator to a Shortlist, click on Discover Creators in the sidebar menu.

If you find a creator that you'd like to collaborate with or save for a later campaign, click Add To Shortlist directly from the search result.

You can add the creator to an existing shortlist by selecting the correct list in the dropdown menu. Then, click Done.

If you haven't created a Shortlist yet, or you'd like to add the creator to a new Shortlist, click Create New List. You'll be asked to name your Shortlist.

Click Create and the creator will automatically be added to the newly created Shortlist.

Alternatively, you can also shortlist the creator from their profile page. You can locate the shortlist button on the left-hand side of the page.

Manage your Shortlist

To manage your shortlists, click Shortlists in the sidebar menu.

You'll find an overview of each of your Shortlists. You can see the number of creators in the lists, their total number of followers, and the number of followers the creators have on different social media channels.

Use the blue arrows next to each column title to arrange the Shortlists in ascending or descending order.

Click View Shortlist for an overview of a particular Shortlist.

You can remove any creator from your Shortlist by clicking on the x icon.

Rename or delete a Shortlist by clicking on the Settings icon on the right-hand side of the page.

Click Save to apply any changes to the Shortlist.

Need help creating a shortlist? Send us a chat!

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