To get an overview of all the creators who’ve created an account with your custom Referral Link, click on Creator Screening in the sidebar menu.

Note: You'll be notified when a creator signs up with your referral link.

Here, you'll be able to see all the creators who’ve signed up with your Referral Link. You can review their Location, Followers, Engagement rate, Content, and Channels.

You can access their Channels by clicking on the channel icons, or access their profiles, containing the creators’ first party data, including performance and insights, by clicking their usernames.

After you review the creators, you can hover over each creator and choose to add them to shortlists, send them a friendly decline, or click on More Actions to archive them or add them to Campaigns.

Archiving creators

If you want to Archive a creator, hover over the creator and click on More Actions. Select Archive from the dropdown menu.

This will remove the creator from the Creator Screening overview. To Unarchive a creator, click on the View Archived tab at the top of the Creator Screening overview.

Hover over the creator you want to unarchive, and click Unarchive.

The creator will be moved back to the Creator Screening overview.

Adding creators to campaign

If you want to add a creator to a campaign, hover over the creator and click More Actions. Select Add to Campaign from the dropdown menu.

Under Select Campaign, choose the campaign you'd like to invite the creator to, or create a new campaign by selecting +New Campaign.

You'll be able to customize the brief, delivery date, and payment for the creator.

Adding creators to Shortlists

To add a creator to a Shortlist, hover over the creator you'd like to add and click Add to Shortlist.

Using the dropdown menu, select a Shortlist to add the creator to, then click Add to List. You can also click Create New List to create a new Shortlist to add the creator to.

Sending creators a friendly decline

If there's a creator that signed up with your referral link, but isn't a good match, you can send them a Friendly Decline.

Hover over the creator you'd like to decline. Click Friendly Decline.

A template for the friendly decline will pop up, but we encourage you to customize the message to make it more personal. Click Send and Archive. The message will be sent to the creator, and the creator will be Archived and removed from your Creator Screening overview.

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