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Check out our mobile app for creators!
Check out our mobile app for creators!

An overview of features available on our iOS app for creators

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Our mobile app makes it easy for you to collaborate with brands.

It's available to download on iOS devices for free here.

Receive and respond to booking requests

When you receive a booking request, it’ll appear under Bookings menu item, located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Here, you’ll get a full overview of all of your bookings, which are ordered based on their statuses and deadlines.

Tap on the relevant booking to open the Booking Page. Your Booking Page will contain the brief, which describes the collaboration goals, content requirements, delivery deadline, and your payment offer. From here, you can accept or decline the offer.

If you wish to negotiate the booking budget, first click Decline, then select reason The budget is not high enough. Next, you'll be asked if you would like to send a counter-offer - click Yes. You'll then be able to enter the fee you would like, and a message to the brand. The brand will normally respond in a few days.

To learn more about booking requests, check out our article here.

Send and receive messages

You'll receive push notifications when a brand sends you a message, or there is an update with your bookings. These are accessible via your Inbox. Tap on the relevant brand to access your communication history.

You can also access your booking messages from directly within the Booking Page by clicking Message on the top right of the screen.

To learn more about your Inbox, read our article here.

Upload content and results to Deliverables

After you accept the request, you can begin the collaboration. Once you've published your sponsored content on social media, you'll need to make sure your content and results are added to Deliverables. This allows the brand to measure the performance of the collaboration, and repurpose your content as agreed to in the brief.

In most cases, your content and results should automatically be added to Deliverables for you. To learn more about how Deliverables work, you can read this article here.

When you’ve added all the content required for the collaboration to Deliverables, tap Mark as Delivered to notify the brand you have completed the booking.

Apply to campaigns

Campaigns that you are eligible to apply for are accessible via the Applications menu item, located at the bottom centre of the screen.

You'll only see campaigns where you meet the brands profile criteria, such as country, follower size, and audience demographics.

To learn more about Campaign Applications, check out our article here.

Connect and reconnect channels

Click the Channels menu item at the bottom right of the screen to manage your social media channel connections. To learn more about connecting your channels, read this article.

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