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Receive and respond to booking requests

When you receive a booking request, it’ll appear under Bookings in the bottom left-hand corner. Here, you’ll get a full overview of all of your bookings. The bookings will be ordered based on their statuses and booking deadlines.

You'll also receive a notification from the brand who sent you the booking request under Messages.

To respond to the booking request, tap on the request under Bookings. You’ll be redirected to the booking request page, which contains a brief. The brief includes the brand’s collaboration expectations and goals, the number of posts they'd like you to publish, and an expected delivery date.

The brand also sets a budget based on your price ranges. This budget may be over or under your price ranges, depending on the scope of the booking. It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to accept the deviation.

You can decide whether to accept or decline the booking request.

You’re also welcome to negotiate the terms of the booking.

If you want to negotiate the budget the brand offers you, tap on Decline. Select The budget is not high enough as your decline reason. You’ll be given the option to send a counter-offer to the brand. Type in a new fee and tap Send. The brand will normally respond in a few days.

For other changes, you can send a direct message to the brand with any changes you'd like to make to the brief. You can also send them any questions you may have. If the brand agrees to the requested changes, the brand will edit the booking request.

How to upload content and results produced in collaborations

After you accept the request, you can begin the collaboration. When you’re ready to complete the booking request, you may be required to upload Deliverables - your sponsored content and their results - to your booking before delivering it to the brand.

If you mentioned the brand (ie: @inzpire_me) in your Instagram sponsored content, you don’t need to add any sponsored content and results to your booking.

They’ll be automatically fetched from Instagram by our platform for you. You can simply click Mark as Delivered on the top right-hand side of the page when you’ve fulfilled the brief!

For Instagram collaborations where you don’t mention the brand in your content: tap on Add Deliverable, select Instagram Post or Story, and select the sponsored content you want to upload. Then, click Add to Deliverables.

For collaborations on other channels, tap on Add Deliverable and select Other as the channel. Add the link to your sponsored content. Then, click Add.

You may be required to upload results to your manually uploaded deliverables. To do this, click the More icon next to the content you want to upload results for. Then, select Upload Results.

Type in the results for your sponsored content and add screenshots of the results.

Then, click Save Results. To verify your results were uploaded, look for Results Added in green under your deliverable.

Once you’ve added Deliverables, the brand will be able to see the content you’ve created for the collaboration.

When you’ve uploaded each piece of content you’ve created for the collaboration, tap Mark as Delivered.

How to send messages

Under Messages, you’ll get an overview of your incoming and outgoing messages.

To send a message, tap on the brand you want to send the message to, type in your message, and tap on the Send icon.

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