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Receive and Respond to Booking Requests 

When you receive a booking request, it will appear under Bookings in the bottom left-hand corner. Here, you’ll get a full overview over all of your bookings. The bookings will be arranged based on their statuses and booking deadlines.  

You'll also receive a notification from the brand who sent you the booking request under Messages.

To respond to the booking request under Bookings, tap on the request and you’ll be redirected to the booking request page. 

On the booking request page, read the content of the Booking Request. As usual, it’ll include a short description of the collaboration, what the brand wants to accomplish with the collaboration, the date the brand wants you to publish the posts by, and other pertinent information. 

You can decide whether to accept or decline the booking request. 

You’re welcome to negotiate the terms of the booking. 

If you want to negotiate the budget the brand offers you, tap on Decline. Select The budget is not high enough as your decline reason. You’ll be given the option to send a counter-offer to the brand. Type in a new fee and tap Send. The brand will normally respond in a few days. 

For other changes, you can direct message the brand with any changes you'd like to make. You can also send them any questions you may have. If the brand agrees to the requested changes, the brand will edit the booking request.

How to Upload Content and Results Produced in Collaborations 

After you accept the request, you can begin the collaboration. When the booking is completed, you can upload your published content under Deliverables.  

To upload Deliverables, tap on the + sign. You’ll be able to link to the content that you’ve published on your social media channels. 

Once you’ve added Deliverables, the brand will be able to see the content you’ve created for the collaboration. 

You’ll also need to add the content’s results 2-3 days after you’ve published it. 

It usually takes a few days for the majority of your followers to see the content you’ve published, so you should wait to upload your results, such as impressions and reach, in order to get an accurate number. 

To upload the results, tap on the photo and type in the total reach and impressions. You should also upload a screenshot of the results. 

When you’ve uploaded the results for each piece of content, tap Mark as delivered.

How to Send Messages

Under Messages you’ll get an overview over your incoming messages and outgoing messages. To send a message, tap on the brand you want to send the message to, type in your message, and tap Send Message.

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