To view your campaign, click on Campaigns in the sidebar menu.

Then, click View Campaign next to the campaign you want to access. You'll be directed to your campaign's Dashboard.

Here, you can invite creators to your campaign by clicking on Add Creators in the top right corner.

You can add creators directly from your Shortlists by selecting the correct one from the dropdown.

Once you select a Shortlist, the creators in it will be visible below the dropdown. You’ll be able to customize the brief, delivery date, and fee for each creator.

To set a fee for a creator, click on Edit fee, type in the fee you want to pay the creator, and select Apply.

If you want to pay all the creators from your shortlist the same fee, you can add the fee next to Price All Creators the Same and click Apply.

To remove a creator from being added to the campaign, simply click on the x located next to the Customize Brief button.

Once you’ve made all necessary edits, click Next: Review Campaign.

Look over the changes you’ve made. Then, click on Add Creators to Campaign. Booking requests will then be sent to each creator.

You’ll be notified when the creators respond to your bookings! You can also follow the progress of the campaign in your Dashboard.

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