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How to add external collaborations to your creators’ profiles
How to add external collaborations to your creators’ profiles

Learn more about external collaborations and how you can add them to your creator’s profile and media kit.

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If your creators haven’t had collaborations on yet, adding external collaborations is a good way to showcase some of their best work.

Displaying your creators’ past experience in content creation automatically boosts their image and credibility as creators. It also lets brands know what they can expect from collaborating with your creators.

To add external collaborations to your profile, follow these steps:

1. Log into your account:

2. Click on Accounts Dashboard in the sidebar menu to the left.

3. Select Access Account under the creator you want to add external collaborations for. You’ll be redirected to the creator's profile.

4. On the creator’s profile, click Portfolio to view past collaborations.

5. Click on the External Collaborations tab, and then select + Add External Collaborations.

6. Add the name of the brand your creator worked with, a Description of the collaboration, and the Timeline of the collaboration. Then, click Next: Add Media Files.

7. Here, you can upload up to 10 different images or video files that were created for the brand in this collaboration. To do this, click Upload Media File.

8. Next, add a Link to Your Sponsored Content. Select the correct Channel the content was posted on, and the Content Type. Then, click Save Media.

9. To upload another media file, click +Add Another Media.

When you’ve added all the media files created in this collaboration, click Save External Collaboration.

10. Your creator's external collaboration is now added!

You can view your creator’s external collaborations on their profile by clicking Back To External Collaborations.

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