Once you've created an account on inzpire.me, brands will be able to browse your profile, photo portfolio, as well as your insights and performance on connected social media channels.

If they believe you’re a good fit for their marketing commitments, they’ll reach out and offer you opportunities to post sponsored content on your social media.

Note: When you sign up with inzpire.me, your profile will also be your new media kit. Instagram media kits are digital portfolios that you use to introduce yourself and your services to brands. Your media kit is easily shareable, so you can reach out to brands for collaborations off the inzpire.me platform too. Learn more about media kits here.

Brands will reach out by sending you a creative brief that includes their collaboration expectations and goals, a budget they’re willing to pay you (based on your price range), the number of posts they'd like you to publish, and an expected delivery date.

You can access the booking request under Collaborations in the menu on the left-hand side of the webpage. You’ll also receive an email notification.

You can choose to accept or decline the booking request, or negotiate the terms of the agreement.

You can negotiate the terms by sending a message to the brand through Messages in the booking request. We encourage all our creators to work only with the brands they love!

If you agree to accept the booking request, the brand will be required to fund the booking. The funds will be kept safe with our payment provider, Mangopay, and neither you nor the brand will be able to touch the funds until the completion of the booking.

When you’re ready to complete the booking request, you may be required to upload Deliverables - your sponsored content and their results - to your booking before delivering it to the brand.

If you mentioned the brand (ie: @inzpire_me) in your Instagram sponsored content, you don’t need to add any sponsored content and results to your booking.

They’ll be automatically fetched from Instagram by our platform for you.

You can simply click Mark as Delivered on the top right-hand side of the page when you’ve fulfilled the brief!

Once the brand confirms the delivery of the booking request, your payment will automatically be transferred to your Wallet. You'll be able to withdraw the funds at any time.

Currently, we have four currency options: EUR (€), USD ($), GBP(£), and NOK. However, if you would like to withdraw your payment in a currency other than EUR, USD, GBP, or NOK, the payout can be exchanged to your local currency.

You can switch your currency under Wallet in the menu on the left-hand side of the webpage.

We charge a 10% service fee for every completed booking. You’ll receive 90% of what the brand pays you for the collaboration. So if a collaboration costs 100€, you’ll receive 90€. This is the only fee on the site.

After the booking is completed, you and the brand will have the opportunity to review each other on your experiences, whether the experience was good or bad. inzpire.me is based on trust, so it's important to give honest and fair feedback.

The feedback will be visible on both your profile, and the brand's, but your profile name and brand's name won’t be identified.

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