How do I get paid?

Learn how withdrawing payments works.

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When you accept a booking request, brands will be charged automatically. The funds are placed in an escrow account with our payment provider, Mangopay, where it’s kept safe without you or the brand being able to access it.

Once you’ve delivered the booking, the brand will be required to confirm the completion of the booking before the funds are released to you.

When the booking is completed, it’ll be marked as Completed.

Then, the funds will be automatically transferred to your Wallet. Your Wallet enables you to keep track of all your transactions and earnings. You can find it in the sidebar menu on the left-hand side of the page.

Your Balance displays the funds you currently have available in your wallet.

If this is your first time withdrawing payments from your Wallet to your bank account, you'll first need to undergo a KYC process and add your bank details in Settings.

Once this is completed, you'll be able to withdraw your money. You can, at any time, withdraw parts or all available funds from your Wallet to your bank account.

To withdraw your funds, click on Wallet in the sidebar menu.

Under your Balance, select Withdraw.

Type in the amount you want to withdraw and select Withdraw. The money will be in your bank account within 2-3 business days.

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