You’ve created a profile, and brands know you’re game to collaborate, but now you want to get in the game. There are several reasons why you would want to increase your number of booking requests. You get to pick and choose your collaborations (who doesn’t love options), you can increase your total earnings (more money sounds pretty sweet), or you’re looking for exciting content to keep your followers inspired and engaged (because telling interesting stories is what it’s all about). To get the ball rolling, here are 5 ways to get more bookings:

1. Make your profile shine

There are 3 things you can do to make your profile really shine. First, upload a cover photo and profile photo, so your profile looks attractive (and complete!) to brands who are browsing for influencers to collaborate with. Second, add all the topics you like to post about in your social media channels, so you'll pop up in more search results when brands look for specific influencers to partner up with. Lastly, write something creative in About. This is one of the first impressions you make on a brand, so write something about yourself, and your social media channels, that really makes you stand out from the crowd!

2. Create Unique URL

By creating and adding your unique URL in your social profiles on Instagram, YouTube etc., you let brands who come across one of your profiles know that you're open to working with them. Go to Settings in the Menu Bar and choose your own unique URL. Linking to your profile also lets the brands discover your range of channels, increasing your chance of being contacted.

3. Add all Channels

Some brands are looking for influencers in a specific channel. In other words, adding all your channels will make you relevant to more brands. You can add up to 9 different channels. By adding channels, brands will be able to see what distribution power you hold. Adding channels are also a great way to keep track of your number of followers and compare your channels to other influencers.

4. Give Endorsements and Feedback

Brands can sort any selection of influencers based on price, endorsements, and feedback. Other influencers can give you endorsements and you can endorse them as well. The brand gives you feedback after you complete a booking and is a way to reward awesome work. It also helps create a trustworthy community! Message the brand if you haven't received feedback after a booking.

5. Name Your Price

We obviously think you are worth a million bucks and no brand should ever pay you less, but underpricing can be a neat trick to get a couple booking requests going and gain some reviews on your profile. Once you have some experience, you may need some guidance on determining an average fee. We suggest browsing for similar influencers to benchmark yourself. Remember that you can always negotiate on price if you're not happy with the initial budget brands offer you.

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