How to edit a booking

Learn how to edit a booking, including budget, and content usage rights.

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How do I edit a booking?

To edit a booking:

  1. Open the relevant booking from your Dashboard.

  2. Click Booking Options located in the top right corner, then Edit Booking.

From here, you will see a range of fields and settings you can edit.

What can I edit in the brief?

The information you can edit in the brief depends on the status of the booking.


Pending Bookings

Accepted Bookings

Creator fee

Publishing period

Content approval

Number of contents

Content requirements description

Usage rights

Hashtags (Instagram & TikTok)

Mentions (Instagram & TikTok)

Accepted bookings includes bookings that are on Accepted, Date Due, and Delivered status.

Pending bookings are more flexible, since the brief terms haven't been formally accepted by the creator yet. Once a booking has been accepted by the creator, you want to avoid making significant changes to the brief terms.

👋 Note: Before making any changes to an accepted booking, you should first communicate them to the creator. Wait for the creator to confirm the changes before making any edits.

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