Sharing Shortlists with clients

Learn how to share Shortlists with your clients.

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If your clients are interested in approving creators before you launch a campaign, you can share a Shortlist with them!

Your clients will be able to review the list of creators you want to add to the campaign, along with key insights, such as their audience demographics. They’ll have the option to accept or decline the creators, and leave any comments or questions they might have about them.

How do I share a shortlist with my clients?

To share a shortlist with your clients:

1. Select Shortlists from the sidebar menu to the left of the page.

2. Choose which shortlist you want to share with your agency’s clients, then click View Shortlist.

3. Click on the Settings icon.

4. Select Edit Shortlist from the drop down.

5. Check the Show to Agency Customers and Audience Demographics checkboxes. Then, click Save.

Your client can now view the shortlist you’ve shared with them.

What can clients view and access from the Shortlist?

Once your clients are granted access to a shortlist, they can view the creators’ audience demographics by clicking View Insights.

Here, they’ll see the creators’ Audience Location, as well as their Gender Composition, and Age Groups. They’ll also see the creators’ most used Hashtags and Mentions.

They’ll also be able to click on Profile to view the creators' connected Channels, Review Score, and Average Response Time. They can check out the creators’ channels by clicking on the channel icons.

How do clients approve or decline creators?

Clients can approve or decline a creator by clicking the green Thumbs Up or red Thumbs Down icon.

When they click on the Thumbs Down icon, they can select a decline reason. They can also add comments or questions they have by clicking the Chat icon.

You can use this information to better understand the types of creators your clients are looking for.

You’ll clearly see when your clients have Accepted or Declined creators in the shortlist.

To view any comments your clients have left, select the Chat icon.

You can respond to your clients by typing in your message and selecting Send Message.

Questions? Send us a chat!

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