You can upload Deliverables to your booking request on our mobile app or on desktop. 

To upload Deliverables on desktop: 

Under Bookings, click on the booking you want to Deliver. Before marking it as Delivered, you must first upload Deliverables. 

To add Deliverables, click Upload Deliverables on the booking page. Add links to your sponsored Instagram posts under Links to your post

To upload Instagram stories, download the image or video you used for your story on your phone. Add the content by clicking Upload Instagram Story.

You’ll also need to add the results, such as impressions and reach, of the content you produced in the collaboration. The post results should be added 3 days after you’ve published the content, as it takes a few days before the majority of your followers have seen it. The story results should be added once the story has expired. 

To upload the results, click on Upload Results below the content you’ve added under Added Deliverables. Type in the Total Reach and Impressions for the content you’re adding results for. You should also upload a screenshot of Instagram post results under Screenshot of Post Results. You can upload a screenshot of Instagram story results under Screenshot of Story Results

If you’ve added more than one piece of content to Deliverables, you should add results for each one. 

Note: We recommend that all our creators have an Instagram Business Account. Learn why here

If you don’t have Instagram Business, remember to download your Instagram story content immediately after posting it and upload it to Because the story will disappear after 24 hours, you should upload your story results as close to the 24 hour time limit as possible. 

After you’ve added your sponsored content and results to Deliverables, click Mark as Delivered. The brand will review your content and results before completing the booking. 

How to Find Post Results on Instagram

To find your Instagram Post Insights:

  • On your Instagram profile, click on the post you’d like to upload to Deliverables. 
  • Tap View Insights below the post. 

Here, you’ll find the post’s impressions and reach. You should also take a screenshot of the post’s results.  

How to Find Story Results on Instagram

To find your Instagram Story Insights:

  • On your Instagram profile, click on the Menu in the top right-hand corner of the page. 
  • Click Insights
  • Next to Stories, click See All. Select the story you're uploading to view its results.
  • Swipe Up. Then, click on the Graph icon.

Here, you’ll find the story’s impressions and reach. You should take a screenshot of the story’s results.  

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