I don’t want to upgrade to an Instagram Professional account. What does this mean for me? 

In order to connect Instagram as a channel on your inzpire.me profile, you’ll have to upgrade to a Instagram Professional account. However, you’ll still be able to connect other channels like Youtube, Snapchat, and Twitter if you still don’t want to upgrade. 

My Instagram Professional account failed to connect. Why?

The most common reason why Instagram fails to connect is because not all permissions were granted during the process. Try connecting again, and be sure that all 5 permissions are checked!

What do the Facebook permissions mean and why do I need to grant them?

To successfully connect your Instagram account to your inzpire.me profile, you'll need to grant all 5 of the Facebook permissions. We've summarized what we use the permissions for below:

  1. Receive your email address:

    We use your email to identify who you are for support and email communications.

  2. Show a list of the Pages you manage:

    We use this to access the Page that's connected to your Instagram account.

  3. Access profile and posts from the Instagram account connected to your Page:

    We access your public profile to share your latest photos in your portfolio, upload your latest Deliverables, and share basic profile information with brands (ie: following, engagement rate, etc.).

  4. Access insights for the Instagram account connected to your Page and 5. Read content posted on the Page:

    We use these insights to share your audience demographics and Instagram post/stories performance with brands.

I have an Instagram Professional account, but it doesn't appear as an option when I try to connect it to inzpire.me.

If you don't see your Instagram account as an option, check whether your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook page. To do this:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.

  2. Tap on Edit Profile.

  3. Under Public Business Information, select Page. Check that the correct Facebook Page is connected to your Instagram account.

  4. If it's not, choose a Page from your Pages that you'd like to connect, or select Create a New Facebook Page.

  5. Click Done once you've selected a Page or added a new Page.

Will creating a Business account affect my reach? 

No. Instagram has proven that this is a myth as your reach is determined by factors that aren’t affected when creating a business account. To read more about this, head to Table of Contents 6 in this article.

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