Social media engagements (ie. likes, comments, views, and shares) and followers created by third-party sites/apps, bots, or people are damaging to and the creator community at large. 

We will take action on accounts we suspect have used any fake engagement or follower program, such as follower exchange programs (ie: follow-for-follow, follow loop, #like4like, etc.) or sites/apps that promise to help users "get more followers fast."

What is fake engagement and followers? 

Fake engagement refers to programs or sites/apps that artificially increases a user's likes, views, shares, or comments. 

Fake followers refer to fake accounts that were created to follow users and boost their audience size.

If you've paid for or engaged in: 

  • An automated tool or external service to boost your following, likes, etc. and/or

  • A like, share, follower exchange program (ie. follower-for-follow)

you’re generating fake engagement, and such activity is strictly prohibited on

Why do we care?

When brands search for creators to collaborate with, they’re looking for a credible creator who has great content and authentic engagement and reach. By participating in programs that generate fake engagement or followers, you’re undermining your credibility as a creator and you’re being dishonest to brands about your distribution power and influence. 

What are the consequences?

If you are suspected of using any fake engagement program or tool, your profile will be deleted.

Let's keep our community honest!

Click here and here for more information about fake engagement: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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