If you and the influencer have an issue with a booking request, you can use this resolution article to assist you. We recommend using this article to resolve any outstanding issues with the influencer before contacting Customer Support. 

Dispute Scenarios and Tips

  • Content Not as Expected: If the content is not what you expected, try sending a message to the influencer. The influencer may have misunderstood the booking request. You can ask the influencer to revise the content. You can also request the influencer to send you the content of the post to review it before it is published. 
  • Booking Request Not Delivered: There may be a reason why the influencer has not been able to deliver the booking request, such as not receiving the product for the collaboration. You can send the influencer a direct messsage to remind the influencer of the delivery date.
  • Booking Request Cancellations: If you want to cancel a booking request after the influencer has accepted it, send a direct message to the influencer with the reason why. Contact us to cancel the booking request by using the chat icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the webpage.

Note: If the booking request is pending and you would like to cancel the booking, send a direct message to the influencer with the reason why. You will be able to cancel the booking request without contacting us.

Asking inzpire.me for Help 

If you and the influencer are unable to reach an agreement, you can contact us at hello@inzpire.me.

Important: All disputes will be resolved in accordance with local laws.

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