There are over 3,000 brands registered on our platform, and booking requests are being sent out every day! While you're waiting for a booking request, there are several things you can do to boost your presence on 

1. Include your URL in the About Me sections of your social media profiles. This will make it easier for brands to find you. 

2. Refer creators! Use your unique link to invite more people to join Each creator who registers on using your link will earn you 10% of his/her earnings for the first 6 months. Basically, we're giving you the service fee that we charge brands. That's a pretty sweet deal!

3. Endorse other creators you know, like, or admire, and they might endorse you in return. This will build your credibility when brands are searching for creators. 

4. Add more topics that your social media channel(s) may cover. This will be helpful when brands use our smart filters to search for creators who post about specific topics.

5. Consider lowering the price ranges you set up for different types of collaborations. This will likely get you more bookings as you get started on 

Pro tip: Check out our article on 5 Simple Ways To Get More Bookings to learn more about how you can attract more brands. 

When you receive a booking request, you’ll receive an email notification. You can also check your recent activities on Learn more about booking requests and next steps here

Lastly, welcome to! We're excited to have you join our community. 

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