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I've created an account. What now?
I've created an account. What now?

How to get started.

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Hold on tight, booking requests are being sent out every day! While you're waiting, there are several things you can do to give your profile a boost.

1. Make sure your About section is updated and as good as it can get! This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to brands and make a positive first impression. We know you’re an awesome creator, so let the brands know as well!

2. Include your URL in the About Me sections of your social media profiles to show brands that you’re open for collaborations. This makes it easy for brands to see your data and insights before deciding to collaborate with you.

3. Take charge of your collaborations and start actively reaching out to brands off the platform. You can send them your profile, otherwise known as your media kit, to show brands what value you can bring in a collaboration.

To do this, you’ll need to check that your profile is shareable and has High visibility.

4. Add external collaborations you’ve completed in the past to showcase some of your best work! It’s another way to show brands what they can expect from working with you, especially if you haven’t had collaborations on yet.

Highlighting your past experience in content creation automatically boosts your image and credibility as a creator.

5. Consider lowering the price ranges you'd like to charge for different types of collaborations. We obviously think you’re worth a million bucks, but underpricing can be a neat trick to get you more bookings as you get started on

Remember that you can always accept or decline any booking requests received, or negotiate the terms of the booking.

If you need help with pricing, we recommend browsing other creators’ price ranges, with similar categories and performance. It’ll give you an idea of what price point you should land on.

Pro tip: Check out our article on 5 Simple Ways To Get More Bookings to learn more about how you can attract more brands.

When you receive a booking request, you’ll receive an email notification. You can also check your recent activities on Learn more about booking requests and next steps here.

Lastly, welcome to! We're excited to have you join our community.

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