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Why should I join

As a creator, learn what differentiates from other platforms.

Updated over a week ago is free to join. If you're wondering why you should join, and how is different from other platforms, find out below!

You're in charge

First, we believe that creators should be in charge of their own image and collaborations, so you’re welcome to accept, decline, or negotiate any booking request. We recommend that you only work with the brands you love!

Sharable Creator Profiles

Second, when you sign up with, you’ll be able to share your Creator Profile with whoever you like! Your Creator Profile contains valuable insights about your social media, so you can reach out to brands for collaborations off the platform too.

Most popular channels

Third, we offer the most popular social media channels to collaborate on, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat, which is beneficial for both you and brands. It makes it possible to only use one platform for campaigns across multiple channels.

Transparency & safety

Fourth, we’re all about transparency and safety. You can offer a wide range of pricing to brands to give them an indication of how much you charge for different collaborations.

When the brand creates a booking request, they’ll set a budget based on the pricing options you set. You can, of course, negotiate the fees offered to you! If you accept a booking request, your payment will be held securely in escrow. It’ll be released to you after the collaboration is complete, so you can be sure you’ll get paid.

We value trust

Lastly, our platform is built on trust. After you complete a booking request, you have the opportunity to review the brand, and the brand will have the opportunity to review you. We encourage you to share your experiences, whether good or bad. Reviews help creators determine whether they want to work with a brand or not based on other creators’ experiences.

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