is free to join and brands can browse your profile without subscribing. We have no minimum spend or high agency fees, which makes the platform more accessible to you. Less fees also mean that more money goes to you as a content creator! currently has creators from over 100 countries, which makes us the #1 platform for global campaigns.

How is different from other platforms? is different from other platforms for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly, we believe that creators should be in charge of their own image and collaborations, so you’re welcome to accept or decline any booking request. We recommend that you only work with the brands you love! You can also negotiate the terms of a proposed budget agreement. 

Secondly, we offer 7 different social media channels to collaborate on, which is beneficial for both brands and creators. It makes it possible to only use one tool/platform for campaigns across multiple channels. We cover more than 100 countries and most categories, including Travel, Fashion, and Interior Design. 

Thirdly, you can start a collaboration knowing you’ll get paid for your work. When you accept a booking request, brands will be charged for the collaboration. Your payment will be held securely in escrow, and it’ll be released to you after the collaboration is complete. 

Lastly, our platform is built on trust. After you complete a booking request, you have the opportunity to review the brand and the brand will have the opportunity to review you. We encourage you to share your experiences, whether good or bad. Reviews help creators determine whether they want to work with a brand or not based on other creators’ experiences. 

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