What’s inzpire.me? 

inzpire.me is a marketplace where brands and creators can connect across multiple channels, including Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, and Website blogs. We make it easy for brands to discover, connect with, and pay creators to create and publish inspiring stories. Learn more about inzpire.me.

How does inzpire.me work?

When you sign up on inzpire.me, you create a profile by connecting your social media channel(s) and by providing some information about yourself. Brands will search for creators on the site using our smart filters. They ́ll search for a creator that’s a good fit for their marketing commitments. If a brand is interested in you, the brand will offer you paid opportunities to post sponsored content on your social media channel(s) by requesting a booking.

To request a booking, the brand will send you a creative brief that includes collaboration expectations, suggested posting dates, a completion date, and a budget. It's up to you to decide if you'd like to work with a brand - you can either accept or decline the request, or you can negotiate the terms of the proposed agreement. 

How do I sign up?

Joining inzpire.me is easy! Go to inzpire.me and click sign up to get started.
Having trouble? Check out our How Do I Create an Account? article.
If you’re a creator, click here. If you’re a brand, click here

Is there a minimum age requirement to sign up?

Yes. To sign up, you must be at least 18 years old. 

I don't have a large social media following. Can I still join inzpire.me?

Of course you can! We reach out to people with 1,000 followers or more because brands may prefer to send booking requests to 100 small creators over 1 large creator. Signing up with inzpire.me is free and booking requests are made every day, so there's really no downside to joining! 

How do I determine what price ranges to set for different types of collaborations?

When you input your price ranges, you’re not locked into that price. Rather, your price ranges act as a signal to the brand about roughly how much you’re expecting for publishing different types of sponsored content. 

The actual budget will be suggested by the brand when they send you a booking request. You can negotiate the terms of the agreement. We recommend that you base your prices on a previous booking or choose an amount on the lower end of your expectations. This will likely get you more bookings as you're getting started and enable you to start building your profile. 

How can I profit?

You set the price. When a brand contacts you, they may suggest a different price depending on what the job is. However, you’re free to negotiate the terms of the agreement until you're happy with your pay. We charge a 10% fee, which means that 90% of what the brand pays you is yours.

Can I connect multiple profiles/pages to each channel? 

Currently, you can only connect one profile/page for each of the 7 different channels on inzpire.me. However, we do have several suggestions that may help. 

  1. Pick the best profile/page for each channel and create one super profile on inzpire.me. 

  2. Create multiple profiles on inzpire.me based on, for example, a category (ie. travel or inspiration). 

  3. Add links to other profiles/pages in "About" on your inzpire.me profile. 

How often does my followers/subscription numbers update?

We update the numbers once a week. If you notice that your follower numbers are not updating, you can try disconnecting and re-connecting your social media channels. Learn how to do that here

Are EUR (€) and USD ($) the only currency options?

For now, EUR and USD are the only currency options. We launched the site with EUR as our currency and recently added USD, but we’re currently working on an update that will allow you to choose other currencies. However, when you’re being paid, your payout can be exchanged to your local currency. 

Do creators pay to use inzpire.me? What's the bottom line?

Creating an account with inzpire.me is 100% free. If you receive a booking request, accept and complete the booking. Upon completion, we’ll charge a 10% service fee. You get 90% of what the brand pays. Let's say that you’re being paid 100€ for a booking. This means that your payout will be 90€. This is the only fee on the site. 

Do you have an app? 

Yes, we do! Make sure to download the app here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/inzpire-me/id1451351613 

Are the passwords of my social media channels well protected?

When you connect a social media channel, we do not gain access to any of your passwords.The channel provides us only with information pertaining to the number of followers you have, likes, etc. The rest of your information is protected by the channel. For example, if you connect an Instagram account to inzpire.me, you log into Instagram, and Instagram provides us only with the number of followers you have on the channel. 

What if I'm not a brand or creator? 

We’re not only looking for creators in the traditional sense. Anyone who posts great content on any channel and who would be open to the idea of collaborating with brands is free to sign up! You choose if you want to work with the brands that contact you by simply accepting or declining the booking request.

How many brands are there on inzpire.me? What brands are you working with?

Brands are not visible to creators, but currently, we have over 3,000 brands and agencies registered on the site (and we're just getting started). In addition, the platform is open, so any brand can browse through creators, though they’ll have to register to request a booking.

We're constantly working on recruiting new brands that will be a good fit for our pool of creators. We're also working on an update which will enable you to browse and contact brands as well. Brands on the platform range from big companies like Universal Music and Boots, to exciting startups like Harper & Brooks and KRY.

Here are some examples of recent collaborations:

Our goal is to work with a diverse group of brands of any size and across numerous industries. This ensures that there are plenty of opportunities for awesome collaborations for all brands and creators.

Can you give me a quick tutorial on how bookings on inzpire.me work after I've signed up?

Sure thing! Here's a quick 4 step tutorial of how bookings on inzpire.me work:

1. To the left you have your menu. To view your recent activities (eg. new messages from brands), check Collaborations.

2. When you have a new booking request, you’ll see a notification under "Recent" on you dashboard. You can accept or decline the request. You can also message the brand and suggest a different budget, date, etc. Just make sure you reply as soon as you can so that the booking request doesn't expire.

3. When you’ve completed a booking for a brand, make sure to click Mark as Delivered and attach images (max. 25mb) of your published content under and their results under Add deliverables. You can do all of this by clicking on the booking request under your Collaborations. This will notify the brand that you have delivered the booking.

4. You automatically get paid as soon as you deliver a booking and the brand confirms that the booking is complete. Make sure your payment information is correct. You can edit your billing address, etc. under Settings.

You can also check out our knowledge center to find more helpful information and tips & tricks.

There are many sites like this one, can you guarantee a booking?

As you know, we're just getting started, but we're already seeing a ton of brands signing up. The reason our website is more interesting to brands than other similar sites is the number of creators available and the fact that we represent 7 of the most important social media channels, not just one, as most sites do. It makes it easier for brands to find a good fit for their marketing campaigns. We can't guarantee bookings, but we’re growing quickly. We’re confident that we’ll become the #1 website globally where brands search for creators, which will make inzpire.me an important platform for you to be registered on.

We created inzpire.me to make it easier for creators to get more booking requests, manage their collaborations, and ensure they get paid for their work. inzpire.me was made to be an open and free platform so that more money would go to the creator, instead of being wasted on fees or unnecessary agents. Therefore, we don't do paid collaborations, simply because our focus is on getting people to sign up because they love our platform!

Is this an exclusive network?

This is not an exclusive network. You're free to join as many networks as you'd like. 

Do I need to add any branding (badge, etc) to my site or social channels outside of the actual campaign post(s)?

The brand will include what they want you to do in the campaign brief (like adding a hashtag or other brand elements). If there are things in the brief that you're not comfortable committing to, we recommend letting the brand know by messaging the brand within the booking request before accepting the booking. It's important for us that you're in charge of your own personal brand.

Is there any minimum number of campaigns/opportunities that I must accept?

There's no minimum campaigns you have to accept. When you receive a booking request, you can choose to either accept or decline it. We recommend that you only work with the brands that you love!

How do I delete my account?

Currently, we close accounts manually. For account closures, please contact us at support@inzpire.me.

Still have questions? Check out our other articles or send us a chat!

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